Until 2021, college athletes were not allowed to profit from the use of their name, image and likeness in collegiate athletics. Now, we’re entering a new era for student-athletes.

505 Sports Venture Foundation (505SVF) was inspired by a US Supreme Court ruling and New Mexico legislation that terminated the NCAA’s decades-long prohibition of student-athletes earning money from endorsement and business opportunities. Today, student-athletes may seek monetization opportunities for the use of their name, image and likeness (NIL), but there are specific guidelines in place for New Mexico student-athletes that can be difficult to navigate.

That’s where we come in: 505SVF is a New Mexico-based non-profit corporation dedicated to supporting collegiate athletes seeking to create NIL monetization opportunities.

Our Mission


To connect student-athletes with contracts or endorsement opportunities presented by local charitable organizations and businesses while promoting a safe place for mentoring and real-world educational growth and experience.


To provide a safe and educational space for student-athletes to successfully learn the skills they will need to produce and facilitate NIL partnerships. (From opening a checking account to providing you with marketing assets you’ll need to build your brand, we want to be there to support and guide you.)


To foster a local community that supports collegiate athletes with deep-seated roots in New Mexico, our success as 505 Sports Venture Foundation is directly related to the pursuit of recruiting top-tier athletes and maintaining a competitive balance for athletic teams at academic institutions throughout the state of New Mexico.

What We Do

505 Sports Venture Foundation assists with securing endorsements, appearances and other NIL-related financial opportunities. We offer support and resources to our clients, including financial literacy, compliance reporting, contract vetting, tax assistance, mentoring and personal growth opportunities.

Our service is essential to helping student-athletes understand the challenges that colleges and universities face in the new frontier of NIL law and to comply with relevant state laws and NCAA rules. Together, we can optimize the financial advantages of NIL opportunities for student-athletes here in New Mexico.

Our Team


Drawing upon decades of legal, financial and business experience and a passion for athletics, our leadership team recognized the need for an organization knowledgeable in NIL relationships.

Kurt L. Roth

Raquel LeCesne

Rick Siegel


We provide expertise regarding financial, marketing and branding support to our student-athletes through partnerships with local organizations and businesses that align with our mission. Our partners include:

Wryan Capps, CPA, Axiom Law

Capps has practiced in New Mexico and the Southwest and is currently a partner at Axiom CPAs and Business Advisors since 2012. The company has practiced in New Mexico and the Southwest for over 80 combined years.

Fred Cisneros, Owner and Executive Creative Director for Cisneros Design, a Santa Fe-based, design-driven brand and marketing firm founded in 1994.

Jim Wills, MD, MPA at CaringCent, an industry leader in technology-driven fundraising.


Our board is comprised of former New Mexico athletes and current business professionals that will provide guidance, experience and counsel to our group and 505SVF athletes.

Hunter Greene

UNM Lobo Basketball

Robert Portnoy

Finalist, National Sports Media Association Broadcaster of the Year

Daniel Faris

UNM Lobo Basketball

Brandon Mason

NMSU Basketball

Nikki Heckroth-Lobato

UNM Lobo Broadcast Analyst

Jennifer Munoz

Sports Reporter

Jaedyn De La Cerda

Student-Athlete Liaison

Dr. Curtis M. Pino

UNM Football

Todd Lecesne

UNM Football

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